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My free gift for you to deepen your aerial yoga foundations 💗

An amazing resource for enthusiasts and teachers to master the basics of aerial yoga & deepen their skills. Every style of movement in, out and around the hammock to make sure you are cueing correctly and safely.

Inside the Hammock, Setting an intention, Standing, At the Hips, Warrior Series, Wrist Wraps, Standing in Hammock, Rib Hangs, Plank Flows, Laying Down, HIIT & Inversions

Feel confident in an aerial yoga hammock with the assistance of this 100 page full color photo and instructional manual.

Put your name & email address in to download the manual for free & join a group of Aerial Yoga Goddesses worldwide to uplevel your practice!

Hi Goddess, I’m Margie Pargie

I started my journey of fitness at the young age of 4 when my dad taught me to run. By age 6, i was leading the PE class and by 8, I was competing against the boys in the county trackmeet.

I was born to be a yoga teacher & lead others into the body. I went on to do track, cheerleading and gymnastics through college. Then i began running half-marathons, placing in the top 1% of the Nike Women’s Half with 7:16 splits (that’s 13 miles in 93 minutes) I dropped to my knees & sobbed tears of gratitude after that one. It was one of the most exhilarating moments of my life.

That was when I found hot yoga for the first time… AND I ABSOLUTELY FELL IN LOVE! i went every single day for months and my life changed drastically. I was offered a 200 hour aerial yoga certification in return for marketing help because my social media was blowing up sharing my love for yoga….and i quit my job!!

Shortly after that, i opened a yoga studio and it was waitlisted almost immediately!

I started posting tutorials on youtube & the rest is history.

With 10 years under my belt of teaching yoga, i can tell you that almost ANY BODY & any skill level can begin a practice of aerial yoga. I've seen so many people bust through fears in the hammock and do flips for the first time. It's very exciting and exhilarating!

By first mastering the basics, building strength, core and a relationship with the hammock, you can easily move into the intermediate and advanced poses.

I've also seen people who can't stand regular yoga fall in love with aerial yoga. It's truly a magical transformation when you commit to showing up everyday to be able to dance effortlessly in the air.

I can't wait to see your practice evolve 🌸

xx, Margie Pargie

So much more than a fitness brand…

“Margie as I reflect on this past year, all of my growth as a woman, a leader, an entrepreneur, a mother, a wife and a provider; tremendous gratitude is outpouring from my heart to yours.

You initiated the awakening of my deeply malnourished divine feminine and through your practices I’ve learned to nourish Her and truly embody my Queen Spirit.

Not only have I revived my physical body, aligned my cycle with the moon, passed this wisdom on to my clients and patients but I’ve developed my intuitive gifts in mediumship, premonition and have learned how to deeply respect the FUCK NO energy when I feel it, establish healthy boundaries and honor my sovereignty.

Thank you Margie 🙏🏻”

-Michelle Dellene

🌱On a Mission to Heal the Healers 🌎
🌈I Help Elite Professional Women Detox to Heal
📚Neurosurgery Physician Associate
🧘‍♀️Registered Yoga Teacher


You are magic. The world at your fingertips.


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